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 * The base configurations of the WordPress.
 * This file has the following configurations: MySQL settings, Table Prefix,
 * Secret Keys, and ABSPATH. You can find more information by visiting
 * {@link https://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php Editing wp-config.php}
 * Codex page. You can get the MySQL settings from your web host.
 * This file is used by the wp-config.php creation script during the
 * installation. You don't have to use the web site, you can just copy this file
 * to "wp-config.php" and fill in the values.
 * @package WordPress

// ** MySQL settings - You can get this info from your web host ** //
/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define('DB_NAME', 'fmdod_nibatech_wp354');

/** MySQL database username */
define('DB_USER', 'fmdod_nibatech_wp354');

/** MySQL database password */
define('DB_PASSWORD', '05.g8SPjY[');

/** MySQL hostname */
define('DB_HOST', 'mysql15.onamae.ne.jp');

/** Database Charset to use in creating database tables. */
define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');

/** The Database Collate type. Don't change this if in doubt. */
define('DB_COLLATE', '');

 * Authentication Unique Keys and Salts.
 * Change these to different unique phrases!
 * You can generate these using the {@link https://api.wordpress.org/secret-key/1.1/salt/ WordPress.org secret-key service}
 * You can change these at any point in time to invalidate all existing cookies. This will force all users to have to log in again.
 * @since 2.6.0
define('AUTH_KEY',         '7sbpt9rs4hl4z9yz1ro5hm7ohsy6moovgirl0zvxvaouu9odrdemseyi1p7x4r6e');
define('SECURE_AUTH_KEY',  'abnyo3sxgyz2z6u399mtxgpprjptmjxclquhomchjvxckm8oexqhuupwgq4fokxr');
define('LOGGED_IN_KEY',    'pw7gak4e6diug01jypqubjb4ichiar78wbz3t1duhu3wxyzjshnnjnsqi1e5kdu2');
define('NONCE_KEY',        'my3grsjsauegeqscvjxrq5l4ucqqeqb5j05zlzrnvboz7mpnqe31foorb31l0xsw');
define('AUTH_SALT',        '5b9cbpccyktiitothorafmrqd1eb3ydihhfbrvdtnia9ijwfdon7v3p4te9xulvx');
define('SECURE_AUTH_SALT', 'dr1uv2jqmg5qtysfrwvniemcnigg8ibpvuqupeamvo7bjmmd8yloalmwggnoniby');
define('LOGGED_IN_SALT',   'xzmn2hhaxovlmyryoxr14e6pyfgrbxdkacaedlzo3evmy5m7pvbfoysuv51eer40');
define('NONCE_SALT',       '2iprkojemjb8bufgrkpcce2tuptrbzh2thnjm4k4dckqp1t74d77fwqmn4w9ksii');


 * WordPress Database Table prefix.
 * You can have multiple installations in one database if you give each a unique
 * prefix. Only numbers, letters, and underscores please!
$table_prefix  = 'wp_';

 * For developers: WordPress debugging mode.
 * Change this to true to enable the display of notices during development.
 * It is strongly recommended that plugin and theme developers use WP_DEBUG
 * in their development environments.
define('WP_DEBUG', false);

/* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

/** Absolute path to the WordPress directory. */
if ( !defined('ABSPATH') )
	define('ABSPATH', dirname(__FILE__) . '/');

/** Sets up WordPress vars and included files. */
require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-settings.php');

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